Mary’s Peak

January 2, 1983

1983’s first scheduled hike took us up (by way of a well switchbacked trail built by local Boy Scouts in 1977, a 2,000-ft elevation gain in 3.6 miles) to the top of this, the highest point in the Coast Range. Dave pointed out the vital differences between Douglas and Noble fir; a grove of the latter flourishes here. Deep snow and icy ruts had not deterred the many 4-WD vehicles atop Mary’s 4,097-ft mountain and sleds, tubes and discs were seen to fly in all directions. The Peak’s elaborately carved information board telling us which distant sights we were unable to see through the murk had been toppled. A burst of energy spurred us to the (ultimate) summit ’midst a flurry of driven snow and howling winds. Yes, a good start to the ’83 hiking season!! Mary’s Peakers were Avram Farber, Don & Bobby Payne, Dave Predeek, Betty Legris, Lois Schreiner and leader John Cecil.

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