“Back-Country Clean-Up” Waldo Country

October 1, 1983

Saturday’s first experimental “Back-Country Clean-Up Project” was held in the Waldo Country, in good weather and with a total lack of mosquitoes. Eddeeleo Lake was to have been the recipient of face-lift treatment, but unfortunately our promised marine transport across Waldo Lake (Forest Service boat, the “SS Clearcut”) was immobilized by a stolen starter key. Substituted was Betty Lake in the same area. This lake was circled, much trash collected, and several old, ugly, sprawling, piled-up fire-rings obliterated, the ashes scattered or buried, and new fire-rings built. (. . . In contrast to the tepid support given by members to this clean-up effort, a hike on the same day and to the same lake saw a large turn-out.) Betty Lake “face-lifters” were Mary Bridgeman, Betty Legris, Pete and John Cecil (leader), and Janette Houghum (Oakridge District, FS).

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