Eugene to PCT Trail

September 17, 1983

Our crew of six set out on a perfect autumn day. We drove to the Awbry Mtn. trailhead, hiked about 1½ miles to the point where we stopped construction in August. The ideal temperature made our labors less arduous and we completed about ¼ mile of new trail. Our construction happily brought us to a lovely steep meadow at lunch time, and we drank in the panoramic view with our lunch. If we can assemble a large crew for our last construction date in October, we may connect up with the westward construction of the Sierra Club, thus making the trail continuous from 0akridge to Big Bunchgrass Meadow, a trail of nearly 20 miles. The September crew: Doris Allen, Irv Housinger, Jane Tucker, Joyce Brooker, Paula Vehrs, and leader Jerold Williams.

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