Lodge Grounds Field Day

May 14, 1983

Sixteen energetic people turned out to clean up the Lodge grounds on Saturday, the 14th of May. For some of them who are susceptible to poison oak (and came anyway) it was above and beyond the call. One person, who was pulling long vines down from trees, wanted a little short identification class on poison oak.

Three other Obsidians, who had other work parties on Saturday, came to the grounds on Thursday and thinned the area so we could clean it up. Some boundary fence was built, and much brush was piled on Saturday for burning in the Fall. Three other people worked inside the Lodge cleaning and sorting equipment.

I hope no one got poison oak. It is sure wonderful to work with people who pitch in and do it.

Grounds workers were Norman Benton, Bob Dark, Bob Devine, Donna Fimstad, Art and Lillian Johnson, Joe Lowry, Glenn Meares, Lindsey Pierce, Wes Prouty, Evelyn Schmitt, Lois Schreiner, Gene Thaxton, Bob and Ellen Tracy, and Bill Eimstad, leader. Thursday thinners were John and Pete Cecil and Betty Legris. In Lodge workers were Bea Fontana, Jane Hackett and Karen Houglum.

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