Hardesty Trail

March 12, 1983

Six members and two nonmembers descended Hardesty Trail from Crate Creek Road to put finishing touches on a ¼ mile reroute that bypasses a steep, worn out section of trail. The tread was widened and graded, retainer logs were installed and the old trail was obliterated by falling trees and brush across the path way. A small group of Boy Scouts were the first hikers to use the new trail; on their return the two adult leaders decided to use the old route and nearly walked under a falling tree! The day was cut short by a few hours due to rain and muddy conditions, but an amazing amount of work was accomplished. One more work party should complete the project. Trail crewpersons were Melinda Bruce, Mary Bridgeman, Jerry Casby, John and Pete Cecil, Fred Schepman, Helen Smith and trallboss Betty Legris.

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