South Willamette Trail

February 9, 1983

Questioning the saneness of anyone who’d participate on a trail construction trip in pouring rain, this leader was surprised to find six “regulars” patiently discussing the likelihood of my not showing up . . . Reaching our destination we trudged down South Willamette Trail to our first project — two large fir tops blocking the trail. Throwing limbs amid the crescendo of the power saw we soon had the trail unblocked. We then encountered our next obstacle around the bend, a 3-foot wide torrent surging across and threatening to wipe out the trail. Drastic ditching and water bars helped, but still left the approaches a quagmire. Laying “corduroy” (a log walk-way) and building up the tread with rocks we soon had a good walking surface again. Moving on to Crale Creek bridge, we installed a long-overdue handrail. A follow-up work party will install the railing in the near future. South Willamette workers were Betty Legris — mason, Suzanne Steussy — mason’s assistant, Fred Schepman, Helen Smith and Mary Bridgeman — log peelers, John Cecil — invaluable roustabout, and Pete Cecil — sawyer and trail boss.

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