Hardesty Mtn

January 19, 1983

Eight keen trail Obsidians set to with a will, and by dint of hard work, perseverance and a total disregard for ankle-deep mud-and-mire working conditions, one of the WNF’s perennial trouble spots — Hardesty trailhead on Hwy 58 — was beaten, pounded and dug into reluctant submission. Retainer logs now line the early trailhead, and hard-won drainage ditches should keep this section dry and fit for year ’round use by the many. Several bags of trash and muck were also collected and hauled away, and one (higher-up) trail blockage was dealt with. Speculation is rife and this trail crew holds its breath in anticipation of the FS supplying crushed rock (“You haul it, we’ll spread it!”) to complement and finalize the project. Hard-working mud crew comprised Fred Schepman & Marshall Pallett (ditchers), Peter Cecil (Poulan S250D chainsaw), Bob Walden (hand-hewn retainer log pins), Mary Bridgeman, Betty Legris and leader John Cecil (Pulaskis & McClouds), and Helen Smith (overall strategy and goffer).

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