Mt Thielsen

September 24, 1983

A beautiful dawn greeted 11 climbers at the Mt Thielsen trailhead at 7:00 a.m. Some of the folks had spent the night at Diamond Lake Campground, while others had left from Eugene early (3:00 a.m.) but all were ready to “hit it”. The weather was perfect—cool and clear—the entire day.

After crossing the Pacific Crest Trail 3 miles from the trailhead, we cut off the climbers trail and headed up to the west ridge of Thielsen, then proceeded up the ridge to the base of the summit pinnacle. Most of the group felt that both the view and the rock were more interesting on this route than on the more scree-ridden “normal” route. We crossed under the south side of the summit pinnacle and then up again to “Chicken Point” where people were belayed by Bruce Coulter to the summit. Christine Ligneau was kept busy at “Chicken Point” checking knots and offering moral support when needed. With this help and group support it is no surprise everyone summited in style.

Fantastic views and the wonderful weather accompanied a leisurely lunch followed by the presentation of summit certificates with a great deal of fanfare. Christine took over belaying for the down climb from the pinnacle and before we knew it we were sliding down the scree and heading down the trail to the cars. When we reached the trailhead at about 4:00 p.m., all agreed it had been a great day with a great group on a great mountain. Climbers were Velma Shirk, Gerry Tomseth, Carol Cunningham, Tom Woxell, Kathy George, Mike Nichol, Bruce Coulter, Christine Ligneau, Shirlynn Spacapan, Janet Baker Jacobsen and leader John Jacobsen.

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