South Sister

September 17-18, 1983

Weather on drive in to parking area and early arrival at camp site at outlet of Green Lake (south end) seemed a refutation of the weatherman’s dire prediction. A beautiful trip in with bright sunshine for long afternoon relaxation, followed by brilliant sunset and bright moonlight reflection off facets of the Obsidian in the lava flow above camp.

Things change fast in the Cascades. Clouds drifted in about midnight with high wind and drop in barometric pressure. Rain developed into snow and sleet by 4:00 a.m.; by scheduled departure time 6:30 to 7:00 a.m. sleet was accompanied by 50 MPH gusts. Following a drenching wet breakfast, tempermental stoves and all other infelicities which “occasionally” blight the mid-September Cascades, the gods of the mountain won this round.

By 10:00 a.m. we packed thoroughly drenched equipment and returned to the cars in continuing high winds, snow, sleet, but still in the jovial mood which characterized the whole trip. This was a young group of people, and it would have constituted a strong, fast party on the mountain. It did not take much convincing however, to advise that conditions would have been impossible on the mountain that day. Those on the trip were Warren Hayner, Moki Honz, Ed Lichtenstein, Inge Tarantola, Gerry Tomseth, Ann Strother, William and James Turner, Helene and Tom Johnston, leader.

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