Three Sisters

September 3-5, 1983

We left town Saturday morning at 10:00 full of vim, vigor and excitement at the prospect of climbing South, Middle and North Sisters. We finished the trip Monday evening, tired, sore and disappointed with a bruised and skinned leader having climbed only South and Middle Sisters.

After camping Saturday night on the plateau above Moraine Lake, we were on, our way up South Sister at 2:15 a.m. and on the summit at 5:30 a.m. After an hour or so making good progress toward Chambers Lakes, we were facing a steep 50' cliff with a hard frozen snow field at the base. The leader took the fast way to the bottom of this snowfield, by doing an unintentional sitting glissade over the ice and scree for about 200 feet, leaving about 100 square inches of skin on the mountain. All the other climbers took a more conventional way down and were soon patching the skinless “buns” of the leader. From here the leader with one climber hiked to camp at Arrowhead Lake while the other three climbed over Middle Sister before joining us there for Sunday night. Home Monday evening after another “great” weekend in the mountains with Sally and Rick Grosscup, Margaret Crosland, George Jobanek and leader Lee Hatch.

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