Middle Sister

August 21, 1983

Party of eight; seven made summit. Kate’s knee gave out near the saddle, and she had to turn back. At base camp all members voted Kate “Honorary summitteer”. Lots of snow for late August. Beautiful weather! We all had ice axes, which were definitely necessary on this particular climb. Good bumpy glissading all the way down (YaHooy)! Four first time climbers reached the summit, and signed our book (Lawrence, Horne, Canson, Bloom).

Why do I do this year after year? Yes, I’m having fun! I’m having fun! I’m having fun! Ad infinitum — I hope. Having fun were Heather Anderson, Peggy Bloom, Robert Carson, Dee Horne, Gary Lawrence, Dave Predeek, Kate Stroh, and Parker Riddle, leader.

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