Middle Sister

August 7, 1983

Under fine summer skies, eleven climbers came together for the assault of Middle Sister. A leisurely hike into Sunshine Shelter area provided ample time for many photos and game playing courtesy of “Gifted Institute of Oregon” a la Jeanie!

Game survivors awoke at 3:45 a.m. and ventured forth in the pre-dawn light. Weather was warm and sunny with clear visability. Summited at 11:30 a.m., just in time for quick photos and snacks before the sprinkles overtook us. This was glorious victory for four, as it was their first summit. Ceremonial festivities and sign-ins were postponed till base camp as sprinkles multiplied. Weather improved as we dropped elevation and we once again resumed our game playing, having a glissade race. Our “slick rear end” award goes to Karen.

Game players and summiteers were Lynne and Skip George, David Gibson, Jeanie Kincaid, Christine Ligneau, Evie and Monty Matthews, Karen Peterson, Gerry Tomseth, and co-leaders Tom Donnelly and Chris Shuraleff.

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