The Husband
Three Sisters Wilderness

July 23-24, 1983

We left an overcast Eugene around 1:00 p.m. and met blue sky and warmer weather just above Leaburg. After stopping at the Linton Lake shortcut trailhead for a wilderness permit, we proceeded to the top of Dead Horse Grade and the previously scouted route across the lava. Near Obsidian Creek the leader found himself a little east of the intended route but within a salvageable distance. With mosquitoes and a thunderstorm closing in we decided to make a dash for Linton Creek and the lower meadows. Arriving in the meadows we discovered what resembled a rice paddy and proceeded along a dryer route up and across the creek to Eileen Creek where we camped.

Awaking to another thunderstorm Sunday morning we ate breakfast and waited. Kathy decided to stay behind in the tranquility of her sleeping bag while we three went for the top. Leaving camp at 6:30 we wore on top by 8:30. With fog and low clouds around 5700 ft. and high clouds between 10,000–11,000 ft., it reminded me of being in the middle of a sandwich. We could see to Jefferson on the North and past Diamond to the South. After a half hour break, we were back in camp by 10:00 o’clock.

We returned by way of the intended route climbing up a flower-covered cliff along Linton Creek and then walking down a dry Obsidian Creek. We got off course a little again, but came out by the lava where we started.

The four energetic climbers who went on this (anonymous quote) “beautiful, scenic, interesting trip of about four miles as the vulture flies and six miles as the hiker stumbles” were Kathy Green, Jim Hunter, George Jobanek, and leader, Keith Blunck.

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