Mt Thielsen

July 17, 1983

A night of lightning, thunder, and rain Saturday night at Diamond Lake did not seem to bode well for our Sunday climb, but the morning dawned much improved. Our group of thirteen departed the trailhead at 7:20 and was soon spread out over a mile or more of trail. (Darn kids that won’t wait for their leader to lead them!) The weather stayed good with moving broken clouds providing an interesting ever-changing scene.

Everyone made it to the base of the pinnacle, and twelve climbed to the tippy-top. The descent was a delight with lots of sitting and standing glissading, and everyone was back at the cars by about four.

Climbing were Nicole (13), Kista (14), Brian (16), and mother, Marilyn Kerins, Katie (12) and father, Ed Paul from New Jersey, Rick Ahrens, Jan Gallenstein, George Jobanek, Bob Nickel, Chris Miller (12), Scott John (13), and leader, Steve John.

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