South Sister - Moraine Lake

July 16-17, 1983

We arrived at the Fall Creek trailhead at 11:00 a.m. (about the same time the clouds from Eugene did). The trail was snow-covered about a mile up. After making camp on the north end of Moraine Lake, the group spent the afternoon exploring, glissading and avoiding lightning bolts. That evening after dinner, we all climbed the ridge on the west side of the lake to watch the sunset and moving cloud formations. The night was calm and eventually clear. The following morning the clouds were scattered and there was a slight breeze on the ridge. We could see new snow on the red ridge. The new snow helped us to make good time over the scree just below the top. Time — 4 hrs. & 12 minutes from Moraine Lake to the summit. Good pace, John! The clouds never cleared to give us a good view of the Middle and North Sister, but Broken Top “peaked” through several times. After about 45 minutes on the summit, we started down. We had several fairly good glissades with the last one down to the lake being the most spectacular. With a thunder storm on its way, we rapidly broke camp and headed for the cars at 3:00 p.m.

Those on the climb were Wes Bires, David Freudenberg, Leo Kabigting, Steve Lulay, John Mowat, Eileen Walsh, and leader, Mary Ellen de la Pena.

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