Diamond Peak, S.W. Ridge

May 28, 1983

We left for Diamond Peak at 5:20 a.m. under a partly cloudy sky. We met Chris and Tom at the Lowell Bridge and together motored to Oakridge and along the winding Hills Creek Reservoir Road to the Pioneer Gulch trailhead. Hundreds of alert, hungry mosquitoes were delighted by our arrival. The snow was firm (snow level about 5800 feet) and going was fairly easy. The S.W. ridge, which is treeless above the 7000' level, was a lovely spectacle and provided a great view of Mt. Thielsen, Mt. Bailey, the Crater Lake rim, Cowhorn Mtn, Sawtooth Mtn and Summit Lake. The last members of the group reached the summit 4 hours and 15 minutes after leaving the trailhead at 7:30 a.m. (We shared the summit with two groups of skiers and a dog.) During lunch the clouds began to disappear. We left the summit via the S.W. face on the seats of our pants. Wonderful 1500' glissade down the mountain. The trek out was probably the greatest hardship of the day. We were, further north than the leader reckoned and it took some bushwacking, gully hopping and mosquito slapping to get back to the trail. Thank you, David! Congratulations on your first mountain, Gerry. The climbers were John Cecil, Margaret Crosland, Tom Donnelly, David Freudenberg, Rick and Sally Grosscup, Lee Hatch, Betty Legris, Chris Shuraleff, Gerry Tonseth, and leader Mary Ellen de la Pena.

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