Fall Color Trip

October 1, 1983

I have organized, with help, the Fall Color Trips for several years. Two stand out: Several years ago when Ewart Baldwin was the tour guide, up over the Santiam Pass, newly covered with snow, to Smith Rocks Park, to Peterson’s Rock Gardens, with the beautiful skyline of the Three Sisters, plus Mts Jefferson, Washington and Hood in the distance. The other was the year before last with Marriner Orum as tour guide, following a route laid out by Dave Burwell; where there was a magnificent view of an east facing scarp covered with beautiful color of vine maple en masse in full sun.

Last year had no color, was too late, but if we had gone the prior week, we would have found 6 inches of snow. The 1983 trip also had little color, though the day was beautiful and the trip into the big, remote country was interesting with Dave Burwell as tour guide. He explained the trouble—warm easterly winds for some time had dried out the leaves before frost could get to them. Many bushes were bare, even. This leads me to plan for next year to call it: “The Sometimes Fall Color Trip”.

22 people, including 5 nonmembers, went on October 1 to the north hills of the upper McKenzie River, starting at Clear Lake cut-off, a total of 153 miles. A stop at the Village Cafe for pie and ice cream ahead of any crowd was included, and return by 4:45 p.m. A high point was the instruction Dave gave on the country in general and logging in particular.

Participants were Jennelle Moorhead, Vera Heidenreich, Ruth Nichols, Janice Pattison, Grace Smith, Daisie Niccolls, Betty Stamm, Laura Hayes, Charlotte Lemon, Art and Lillian Johnson, Mary Mallery, Myrtle Smith, Lila Smith, Helen Hughes, Beaulah Barker, Gerta Ross and leader Bill Eaton with nonmembers Marge Eaton, Marriet Friday, Eldoris Cobban, Lois Person and co-leader Dave Burwell.

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