Mid-Valley Spring Bus Tour

May 21, 1983

As we left our coffee stop at Salem, the leader was somewhat apprehensive that the Iris might be gone because of an earlier than usual year. But at the Cooley Garden Iris fields a few miles east of Salem, this was definitely not the case and the acres of pastels blending with dark reds, blues and purples made everyone gasp at the beauty. Closer we found each individual iris to be a thing of beauty. It was a warm, clear day and Mt. Hood was with us from this point on the rest of the day. We were given a lecture on the growing and care of the flowers by one of the third generation owners who was picking iris for the retail outlet in Silverton (our next stop) where the flowers are identified and displayed for those wishing to order.

We then drove over through Silverton to the Museum for a tour by Jeff Brekas, who is a very cordial young man and president of the Silverton Historical Society. Some then walked along Silver Creek and others rode the bus a few blocks to the City Park where we had a leisurely lunch.

After lunch we drove to Mt. Angel and up the winding road to the Abbey stopping first at the Old Believers Museum (Our Lady of Tikhvin Center) where we marveled at the lovely embroidery and colorful clothing displayed. We drove to the Abbey and it was a perfect day for exploring the buildings and grounds where the Benedictine Monks live a very similar life to that of the Abbey’s founders. The 100th Anniversary is being celebrated this year. We stayed a while in the chapel to admire the architecture and the lovely blue window. Also to enjoy the organ music.

We left Mt. Angel looking for signs for Woodburn but there were none so we chose the one that said Gervais and this took a little longer but was an interesting drive across the valley where there are many charming well landscaped country homes with hedges of rhodies. We arrived at Highway 99 and drove to Woodburn finally finding Settlemier Street and then the Settlemier house where we were given a tour by the caretakers. This house was built in 1889 by James Settlemier, founder of Woodburn, and is owned and operated by the French Prairie Historical Society. Situated in the living room is an 8-foot Mahogany Chime Clock dating back to 1850 arid worth almost $5,000.

After a brief stop for ice cream we left for home arriving. at about 7:00 p.m. We were very fortunate to have Baxter Shaw as our driver. Those participating in the Mid-Valley Spring Bus Tour were members Muriel Aufderheide, Ingrid Carmichael, Grace Carter, Sophie Christopher, Bill Eaton, Laura Hayes, Jane Hilt, Virginia Horton, Art and Lillian Johnson, Ruth Keyes, Ruth Nichols, Frances O'Neil, Bonnie Rickard, Daisie Niccolls, Grace Smith, Mildred Weatherby and Ruth Williams. Nonmembers were Bette Brooke, Jeanette Daletas, Joan Davies, Grace Durchanek, Marjorie Eaton, Emily Gropp, Florence Journey, Enid Rondeau, Wilma Simonsen and Gladys Williams. Leader was Bette Hack who was assisted by Ruth Nichols.

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