Gold Lake

March 28, 1982

With ominous forecasts of “chains required” on Willamette Pass, we (5 children and 10 adults) left the South Eugene parking lot at 8:30 a.m. As predicted, the signs read “chains required,” but since bare pavement was in evidence, we obeyed our better judgment. We found wonderful snow conditions on the Gold Lake Road and skied to the Lake in a beautiful snow flurry.

The sun broke through momentarily for our lunch on the ridge—very nice touch. One of the group members (who shall go unnamed) suggested that we take the Marilyn Lakes trail back “just to make our return trip a bit more interesting.” Part of the group went back to the cars on the Gold Lake Road, the rest of us ventured down the Marilyn Lakes Trail — advanced beginners on an advanced intermediate trail. We rose (and fell repeatedly) to the occasion! Eight year old Noel learned the finer points of a well executed herring bone and sidestep. She began the Marilyn Lakes Trail as a beginner and emerged two hours later an intermediate skier. On the trip were Gladys Grancorvitz and her friend Noel Elliot, Susan Meyer and her friends John and Jackob Oxenhandler, Wilbur Groner, Alys Riley, Bonnie Ledford, Connie Spangler, Dot Leland, Johnathan and Virginia Vaughan and their two children Joseph and Alexsnder and Mary Ellen de la Pena, leader.

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