Square Lake snowshoe

March 20, 1982

After a late start due to Hawkeye’s not being open on time for one party to pick up snowshoes, all seven of us finally took off in Walt’s Suburban.

From the Santiam snowpark we followed the markers to the Crest Trail, then we headed cross country toward Square Lake. When it was time to make a turn along the approximate trail route to the lake we realized that we were one contour off so we headed up and over. When we got to the top of the ridge, it was past lunch time so we decided that the view was so good that this was a good place to eat. Then we headed back to the car.

The snow was excellent (about 1" of powder on top) and the weather was quite tolerable with some light snow falling and no wind.

Snowshoers were Susan Baker, Walt Davis, Betty Legris, Joe Lowry, Wes Prouty (leader), Ted Stern, and Paula Vehrs.

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