Hayrick-Big Lake X-C Ski

March 20, 1982

This trip went despite a stolen sign-up sheet! The first clue I had was when Herb McMurtry called and said the sheet was not up and he wondered if there was still room. That was news to me inasmuch as I had not taken the sheet down. Next, someone called to cancel and she thought she was number four on the sheet as of Wednesday. Therefore, I went to the parking lot on Saturday morning not knowing exactly who to expect. Herb McMurtry said he had a ski rack but didn’t want to drive; never-the-less, I asked him to bring the rack along. Five people showed up. Only one was willing to drive so we put Herbs rack on her car and the five of us packed ourselves into a two-door Mazda and headed for the parking lot at HooDoo. By 11:00 we were headed around Hayrick Butte. We ate lunch on the side of Hayrick then descended to the flat area, headed west for about a mile before turning north to find the Old Santiam Rd. Once on that we located the road to the camp on Big Lake and went down that a ways before bushwacking our way west to Big Lake. We skied the length of Big Lake and continued on north to our car. It was an overcast day with occasional shafts of sunlight breaking through. At one time Hayrick was spotlighted against a dark sky and the scene looked like an Ansel Adams photo. The five enthusiastic skiers were Alice Tallmadge, Kathy Griffith, Jennifer Gilliam, Herb McMurtry and leader Richard Heinzkill.

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