Wolf Mountain

March 20, 1982

Four left Eugene at 6:00 p.m. Friday picking up Bea and Dave at Lowell. Then on to Chase cabin on Salt Creek for evening of potluck and cards. All piled in leader’s Suburban after breakfast, and drove until snow stopped us at 4,000 ft. Then cross-country skied to top. Great trip, nice people, good view at lunch, but 6,500 ft. Wolf Mountain was socked in on top. Lost the only nonmember twice, but he finally meditated his way to the top. He was forgiven, though, because of all the food he carried with him. The run down was worth the trip . . . 50 minutes long. Skiers were Al Burdick, Bea Fontana, Leona Mattson, Dot Leland, Dave Predeek and leader Donn Chase.

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