Santiam-PCT North

March 6, 1982

Our trip was on one of the most beautiful Saturdays of this winter. We arrived at the sno-park across from Hoodoo ski bowl about 10:30 a.m., rejoicing in the clear weather and determined to go to Santiam Lake. There was enough new snow the previous week to make the trail nice and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. We never found the turn off to the west so we stayed on the crest trail (sort of) and made our way up to the ridge south of Three Fingered Jack. There we had a pleasant lunch basking in the sun with excellent vistas of the Sisters, Washington and beautiful views to the east.

Our hardy group then traversed our way toward Maxwell Butte and then turned south toward our starting point. After many beautiful runs through the trees and open areas, we managed our way back to the parking lot by 6 p.m. Our group of happy skiers were Richard and Elaine Barrar, Norman Benton, Tim Cook, leader Gary Doolittle, Murray and Carolyn Higgins, Dick Hildreth, Lee Lashway and Herb McMurtry.

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