Beales Butte

February 14, 1982

Is it possible to enjoy skiing in the rain? We did! The rain was light on the other side of Willamette Pass. The highway department in Chemult was kind enough to plow space for two cars during the week at road 252. We left the other two cars at road 244. The snow was a little soft from the rain, but it was well packed on the road so the skiing was good although somewhat slow. After lunch, at the base of Beales Butte 12 of the 16 skiers continued up and around the butte to some good viewpoints. Sally did a great job of trailbreaking. We did not reach the top this time but we had fun exploring a different route than we took last year. We started down at 2:30 p.m. and we reached the highway before 4:30. Those who shared our confidence that the weather would be tolerable were Phyllis Ford, Fran Gnose, Sally Grosscup, Jane Hackett, Barbara and Roger Hayes, Michael King, Ed Lichtenstein, Christine Ligneau, Nancy Loya, Karen McCloud, Romella Taylor, Gene Thaxton, Kris Wolters, and co-leaders Bea Fontana and Wes Prouty.

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