Paulina Lake ski trip

February 7, 1982

Blue sky, cheery sunshine, and ideal snow conditions greeted twelve enthusiastic skiers at Paulina Lake trailhead; a most welcome contrast to the rain we left behind in Eugene. A diversion from the wide trail to view Paulina Falls was exciting. The large cascading ice sculptures surrounding the falls created a dramatic winter scene. After lunching at the skier’s hut at Paulina Lake a few skiers decided to relax while several hearty folks continued the trip to adjoining East Lake. On this portion of the trail we skied by Paulina Peak and viewed one of the largest obsidian flows in North America. For those of us who continued to East Lake we clocked approximately 17 miles on skis before reaching the cars.

As a grand finale to a beautiful day Mother Nature outlined the Cascade mountains in a magestic sunset and provided a full moon to accompany us on our trip home.

The following congenial people shared the day: Mary Christiansen, Bea Fontana, Wilbur Groner, Jane Hackett, Dave Predeek, Wes Prouty, Pat Smith, Dee Tilson, Susan Meyer, Paula West and co-leaders Fran Gnose and Gene Thaxton.

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