Crescent and Fawn Lakes

January 23, 1982

Rather than the customary narrative we will provide a list of things we learned as a result of the trip that may be of some value to others:

  1. Pay no attention to weather forecasts. Rain, heavy at times was forecast for the day. We experienced only an occasional mist.
  2. If you are looking for a pit stop between here and Willamette Pass, use the Green Waters Park at the east edge of Oakridge. Blue Pool Campground is closed for winter.
  3. Arrange for a back-up meeting place if the first one should prove unavailable. Our first one was Blue Pool Campground. Fortunately, we all met at Odell Lodge instead (a story in itself).
  4. If someone calls you to find out how difficult the outing will be, do NOT assume the person knows what an intermediate level of skill is. They may think that a beginner is a very young person. One poor member of our party must have fallen fifty times from the combination of poor equipment (the last pair of rental skis, too long poles, and a poor boot-ski binding connection) and lack of skill.
  5. Parking at Odell now costs $l.00 and chains are necessary to get in and out.

All in all it was a good outing. We didn’t do the car shuttle due to lack of time but went in to Fawn Lake from Crescent and back out (a nice run on good snow).

Skiers were Doris Allen, Mary Fulton, Marv and Sue Giradeau, Richard Heinzkill, Sandra Larsen, Martha Mitchell, Kathi Stroh, Mary Vogel, Darryl Wisner, Ruth Wisner, and leaders Marie-Anne and Andy Thompson.

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