Hoodoo to Little Nash Crater

January 17, 1982

A group of 22 people left South Eugene at 7:45 a.m. with a snow report from HooDoo of 30° and snowing lightly with 11 inches of new snow in the previous 3 days. After leaving a four-wheel drive vehicle in the unplowed Little Nash Crater snow park which is one mile west of Santiam Junction, we finished our drive to HooDoo. The weather was quite brisk with a 25 to 30 mph wind pushing the snow flakes. We were on the trail south from HooDoo at 10:30 a.m. One of the young ladies with us was having a difficult time keeping up with the group. The two people that brought her decided they would spend the day skiing in the HooDoo Big Lake area and then help us with the car shuttle. The blowing and drifting snow cut visibility, but the trail over the road was fairly firm from snow vehicles to the air strip. There were many eager skiers in our group of 19 that wanted to break trail. The snow varies from a few inches in exposed ridges to over knee deep in hollows. We ate a quick lunch in a less exposed area a little over a half mile from the air strip. Sand Mountain’s lower slopes gradually came into view as we started on our way again. We found the check point of flagging left on a snag from the scouting trip the prior Wednesday. When we reached the green timber just beyond the saddle, everyone was told they could just ski free under the trees down the draw a mile and a quarter to regroup on the road. Instead of there being a few inches of new snow in the trees, there was 11 or 12 inches. When going down the hill breaking trail, it was very slow; when riding in the broken trail, quite fast. When skiing with one ski in the track and one out, disasterous. We regrouped on the road to Little Nash parking lot at 2:20 p.m. Skied down a track to the parking lot at 3:40. The shuttle 4-wheel pickup with canope was waiting to take the drivers back to HooDoo. We waited much longer than expected for the drivers to come back with the cars. We were fortunate to have an extra vehicle to sit in out of the falling snow while waiting. There were some more exhuberant people having a snowball fight. Our drivers showed up a little after 5:00 reporting a bus had slid sideways in the road. Hardy skiers were Dick and Elaine Barrar, Tom Donnelly, Bea Fontana, Phyllis Ford, Rick and Sally Grosscup, June Knori, Dot Leland, Ed Lichtenstein, Christine Ligneau, Dick Loescher, Leona Mattson, Herb McMurtey, Al Niems, Marriner Orum, Wes Prouty, Chris Shuraleff and leader Bill Eimstad. The three that stayed at HooDoo-Big Lake and then helped with the driver shuttle were Julie Hulling, Bev and Lloyd Lindley.

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