Pacific Crest Trail at Santiam Pass

January 16, 1982

Seven skiers escaped the Eugene drizzle and took to the slopes of the Pacific Crest Trail heading north at Santiam Pass. Before long the leader noticed the absence of blue diamond trail markers and familiar landmarks, but was reassured knowing that the hordes of other skiers on the trail must be “lost” too. The group proceeded up the winding, forested trail until there were no tracks to follow, stopping for a brief, chilly lunch break. From that point, the deep powder and uphill grade provided a strenuous work-out for the trail-breaker. Two members of the group did find a ridge affording a limited view of treetops and overcast sky.

The downhill run proved to be even more exhilarating than anticipated. The trail was fast and well-packed with frequent dips, turns, and rises. Oncoming skiers as well as trees challenged our skills at maneuverability. No one escaped a few thrills and spills, but all reached the trailhead safely, invigorated by the brisk air and exertion. Skiers were Margaret Crosland, Mary Fulton, Marv and Sue Girardeau, Susan Meyer, Dave Predeek and leader Julia Natvig.

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