Maxwell Butte

January 10, 1982

Skied toward Maxwell Butte from the west, via the Twin Lakes Trail. Good weather (but not for skiing!), clear and quite warm, almost muggy—an inversion. For the first two miles the trail was in good shape and was easy going except for a bit of tree drip. Then we ran out of broken trail. The snow was fresh, deep and heavy—very unpleasant to break trail in. We only made it as far as the large clearing west of Twin Lakes. There we decided to eat lunch and then ski out. Nice view of Mt. Jefferson and other points. Some new sitzmarks were added to the trail on the run out—some suggested “intermediate” was a more apropos rating for this tour than was “advanced beginner!” Skiers were John Atkinson, Sally Grosscut, Lyn Lagrander, Paul Haly, Glenn Meares, Kris Wolters and leader Mike McClellan.

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