Windy Point

January 9, 1982

We were somewhat apprehensive about what we would find when we got there since the South Eugene High School parking lot was covered with snow, but were we ever pleasantly surprised to find perfect skies, perfect snow, no wind and a plowed road to within three miles of the east gate on Hwy 242. The 15 hardy XC skiers that showed up for a trip to Windy Point were Doris Allen, Emmy Dale, Phyllis Ford, Bea Fontana, Mary Fulton, Fran Gnose, Jane Hackett, Dot Leland, Eve Lonnquist, Wes Prouty, John Powell, Rachel Powell, Gene Thaxton and leaders Chris Shuraleff and Tom Donnelly.

The view of Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington and Three Fingered Jack were exceptional as we skied up the road. The wind as evidently fierce sometime before our arrival as shown by contoured snow at Windy Point and across the lava formations. The view was magnificent. As we were descending, the sky became alive with colorful Alpenglow. We arrived at the cars at 5:00 p.m. and had a food stop at the old Obsidian favorite, the Rustic Skillet.

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