Gold Lake X-C ski

January 3, 1982

The pouring rain in Eugene didn’t dampen the spirits of nine skiers anticipating an exciting day which for some was the first time on skis. Adventure began long before reaching our destination as we were detained enroute approximately an hour as a huge fallen tree blocked the entire highway. Our group “supervised” the logging expertise of the highway department crew as they used chain saws to cut the tree into sections so it could be moved. Once at the trailhead the heavy snowfall made it necessary for a few hearty souls to break trail in snow knee-deep and deeper the whole way to Gold Lake. The heavy snowfall turned the trail into a wintery wonderland with the snow-ladden trees forming sculptures to tantalize the imagination. The return trail we struggled to make from Gold Lake to the trailhead was much appreciated. The following congenial people shared in making the day a pleasant one: Linda Buie, George Bury, Phyllis Ford, Wilbur Groner, Helen Lynch, Dave Reersley, Jan Thenell and co-leaders Fran Gnose and Gene Thaxton.

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