Pengra Pass-Midnight Lake

January 2, 1982

The first scheduled ski trip of the season took place with a great deal of enthusiasm in a great deal of snow. In fact, there was almost enough snow in the 19th & Patterson parking lot for us to do a very local trip. We did drive up to Willamette Pass and had our first group activity putting chains on the four cars involved. Arriving in the Gold Lake Snow-Park, we found wonderful skiing conditions—fresh powder and more coming down. Other skiers preceeded us, so we were spared the task of breaking trail. The skiing was beautiful—down a deep and narrow track with the trees on either side nearly coated in white. As we gained altitude, the snow seemed to come down harder and faster, producing visibility problems for some of us wearing glasses. At Midnight Lake, we gathered briefly for lunch, which had to be eaten quickly to avoid getting wet. The lake was visible only as an open space in the trees, veiled by a curtain of heavy snow. We returned down the trail and could see that there were some tree limbs noticeably lower because of the snow that had accumulated. If possible, there was a time or two on the way down when the snowfall was denser than ever, but in the parking lot itself, the snowfall was quite light. A few skiers who returned early skied a short way down the Gold Lake trail, returning as the cars were getting loaded again. This delightfully snow trip was shared by co-leaders Emmy Dale and Mary Fulton, and skiers Doris Allen, Heather Anderson, Lynn Baker, Margit Castenholz, Phyllis Ford, Gladys Grancorvitz, Sandra Larsen, Dot Leland, Eve Lonnquist, Glenn Meares, & Jan White.

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