McKenzie River Trail

December 15, 1982

It was our intention to hike from Fish Lake to Trail Bridge trailhead, a distance of about 12 miles. However, when we arrived in the area we found there was too much snow to allow us to park the cars. Headed south again and began the hike at Trail Bridge trail head. Hiked north for about 5 miles and had lunch. It was a miserable day with cold rain and snow underfoot most of the time. To make things worse Vi’s was closed. Enjoyed Wilbur’s stories and humor. This was our last hike together. Hikers were Elliot and Priscilla Aronin, John Cecil, Dallas Cole, Wilbur Groner, Steven Kraft, Betty Legris, R.B. Mitchell, Lois Morse, Roberta Zais and leader K.C. Kraft.

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