Eula Ridge

December 8, 1982

24 degrees, a light sunrise in the east and darkness in the west — such was the day’s beginning — a fine day for Eula Ridge and the all-Obsidian party attempting it. Not much warming throughout the day and no precipitation. A little more water than usual at the creek crossing. The half-frozen trail and a light covering of snow at and near the top made the going (and returning) easier and more interesting, but the Eula Ridge Trail needs nothing to enhance its strange attractiveness.

Wilbur Groner noted that the trail seemed better traveled than it was formerly. K. C. Kraft, from the top of Mt. Hardesty, saw the famed Three Sisters, Broken Top and Bachelor Butte. Marshall Pallett peered through the trees at Diamond Peak, Mt. Jefferson and Three Fingered Jack. Betty Legris saw a big buck deer bounding upward over the mountain meadow on the Cottage Grove side. John Cecil dreamt of a “partridge in a pear tree”, but what he saw was several chickadees darting around in the fir trees and brush. Let the leader and author remain Anon. Back at the trailhead at 2:00 p.m. and home with a stop at the P.H.D.Q. (for the uninitiated that stands for Pleasant Hill Dairy Queen. Also, because of the recent demise of the leader/author I’m letting you know it was Wilbur Groner—the Editor.)

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