Mt Baldy, Coburg Hills

December 4, 1982

Some times you get lucky! The one day in three it didn’t pour, was ours, complete with a few patches of sun and a perfect hiking temperature. As advertised, this hike was all cross-country. We made a big loop through the hills and up creeks on various game and cow trails to the east side of Mt. Baldy, and on to the top. We then traveled west and worked on finding the more or less “right” way down the ridge for a back door way to the East Caves, where we had lunch. Then down the regular way to the Whale (a large rock) and up (steeply) through the big rocks above the Whale to one more outrageous viewpoint overlooking the city.

Then uphill a bit more to take a route down a ridge system back to square one. Everybody seemed to enjoy the hike. One thing for sure, we all got muddy. I haven’t heard anything about the poison oak—yet. A, great group to hike around with. The congenial trekkers were Barb Elsen, K.C. Kraft, John, Shirley and Sky Lukacs, Anne Montgomery, Don Payne, David Roderick, Ruth Romoser, David Stone, Jerold Williams and leader Ed Lovegren.

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