Yachats to Waldport-On the Beach

November 27, 1982

Because low tide occurred at 4:10 p.m. on this Saturday afternoon after Thanksgiving, we left Eugene at a lazy hour (11:00 a.m.), added three members to the group in Florence, tested the air in Yachats and decided to shuttle the cars to Waldport instead of starting there and walking to Yachats, which had been the original plan. Once on the beach we were more than happy with the change, as the southwest wind gained in strength with the increasing showers. Being propelled along with a tailwind proved a welcome dividend, compensating for waterlogged boots from crossing tidal creeks. Only gulls and sandpipers shared the ever-widening expanses with us, and as we fanned out along the sand, we revelled in the sense of freedom that the beach, lacking the restrictions of a customary trail, always provides.

Darkness was falling fast as we reached the parked cars this side of Waldport around 4:30 p.m., and no sooner had we tucked ourselves inside than a more than usually brisk downpour began. Thankfully we poured ourselves into the comfortable quarters at La Serre for a warming and welcome supper. Two hours passed before we knew it and it was time to leave Yachats and head for home. Our revellers included Bob Doppelt, Gladys Grancorvitz, Margaret Hadaway, K.C. Kraft, Margaret Markley, Elizabeth McMullin, Donna and Ron Ovit, Howard Robertson, Alys Riley, Paula Vehrs, Muriel Willingham, and leaders Jack and Dallas Cole.

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