Eel Creek-Sand Dunes

November 21, 1982

Traveling down I-5 to Drain, where we picked up Emmy Dale and with a brief coffee break in Elkton, we arrived at Eel Creek around 10:30 a.m. where Margaret Markley was waiting for us. With a few minutes to arrange gear and make introductions, we started across the dunes for the beach.

One short shower at this point was the last we saw of the rain for the day. Mild temperatures, sun and blue skies with a few clouds would describe the rest of the day.

We had lunch on the beach with ample time to beach walk before taking the long route back over the dunes to the cars. From this point on this very congenial group went their various ways. Some to Mo’s, some directly back to Eugene and a few to Drain for soup and a visit with a friend. Dunes hikers were Doris Allen, Margaret Crosland, Emmy Dale, Avram Farber, Gladys Grancorvitz, Margaret Hadaway, Lee Hatch, Rose Hess, Karen Houglum, Peter Jensen, K.C. Kraft, Betty Legris, Joe Lowry, Margaret Markley, Glenn Meares, Cara McKenzie, Dave Predeek, Henrietta Richmond, Alys Riley, Millard Thomas, Dorothy Turner, Ethel Weltman, and leader Jane Hackett.

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