Indian Ridge Lookout

November 10, 1982

Once out of the Valley, good weather conditions prevailed on this Wednesday trip. Alas (as last year!), our three-car convoy, headed by red-faced leader, got “turned round” on Forest Service Road before eventually locating the snow-bound trailhead. Knee-deep snow on the last pitch up. The whole group crowded the lower timbers of this neat lookout tower for a leisurely lunch (plus doughnut holes ad nauseum, courtesy of Mary Bridgeman!). Suicide Rock could not be located (fortunately . . . ?) on the return leg, but we’ll keep on trying! “Indian Ridgers” were Elliot and Priscilla Aronin, Mary Bridgeman, Peter Cecil, Jim Conant, Wilbur Groner, Bonnie Ledford, Betty Legris, Lelia Lee and leader John Cecil.

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