Noonday Trail, Bohemia Dist.

November 6, 1982

A sign-up of 25 brought out 13 stalwart hikers willing to brave whatever the day might bring — and it did bring a little bit of everything. For starters, the lead car headed toward Cottage Grove on I-5 and then made the strangest loopabout via the scenic underpass just north of Goshen. The cars behind dutifully followed since they had been told that the driver (of car #1) was the author of the book detailing how to get to the trailhead. Perchance, Jerold was just testing the loyalty of his followers.

The Noonday Trail was originally used by wagon trains to haul freight to the Bohemia mines. The steepness of the trail (in parts) can be gauged by the historical fact that “block & tackle assists” were required on certain pitches. The grade, plus a heavy snowfall that began three-quarters of the way to our destination caused three of our hikers to head back to the lower slopes where they collected enough chanterelles to make a fine dinner.

Another couple unintentionally got off on a spur road. They had not spotted the arrow pointing in the correct d1rection (made up of brown sticks on brown soil). Memo to leader: Use fluorescent flagging next time. And my apologies to Rob and Ellen.

The remaining eight stalwarts kept trudging onward and eventually reached the four mines that lie — first to last — 3/8th of a mile apart. Two of the four mines were explored with caution, and in some depth. There seemed little to be gained by continuing onward since the view to be obtained by so doing (Fairview L/O tower) was totally obliterated. On the spot, Plan B was hastily formulated. Eleven A.M. or not, our appetities were still functioning on DST. So, we all ducked under a low hanging bough that provided shelter from the white fluff afalling and had an early lunch.

Ever resourceful Shirley decided to find out why we were all shivering every time we stopped hiking. Whipping out a thermomenter, she shortly announced that the air temperature was 36 degrees. Then, Shirley invited us all to stop by her log cabin home, perched on the north slope of Dorena Reservoir, for hot chocolate or tea. The offer got us heading back downhill in short order.

When we arrived back at the cars, the leader was appalled to discover two of our party were missing! These were the “spur roaders” mentioned above. To the great relief of everyone, they showed up before we could start a search for them.

The hot drinks in Shirley’s beautiful home embellished with her own fine art work provided a warm, relaxing climax to a hard hike on a very nippy day.

Those making the best of less than perfect conditions were Doris Allen, Avram Farber, Shirley Froyd, Karen Houglum, Ken and Louise Masterson, Glenn Meares, Eileen Montgomery, Rabeca Reese, Bob and Ellen Tracy, Tanya Yoast, Jerold Williams, and leader Bob Devine.

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