Fall Creek

November 3, 1982

A new record for a “Wednesday” hike was established. Twenty-four (24) persons participated. (Previous record: 16 persons) And, why not? It was a beautiful fall day on one of the most pleasant trails in this part of Oregon. This was the first time some of us had hiked this trail since last spring when we had spent so many hours clearing the trail. It was interesting to note that there are only three spots on the western nine miles of trail that need more work. Betty saw two snakes. (What an imagination!) Had lunch at Bedrock Campground and stopped at the Dairy Queen in Pleasant Hill on the way home. Hikers were Elliot and Priscilla Aronin, Paul and Tass Bindas, John Cecil, Dallas Cole, Angie and Betty Forbis, Shirley Froyd, Jackie Getty, Wilbur Groner, Audrey and Mac Howell, Sandra Larsen, Bonnie Ledford, Herb and Lelia Lee, Ed Lovegren, Betty Legris, Mary Jean Peterson, Merle Traudt, Carol Wayne, Gregory Wannier and leader K.C. Kraft.

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