Substitute Point

October 31, 1982

Halloween—a day to be flexible. It started out with a time change and a few Obsidians getting in a more leisurely start than normal, an hour more to be exact. Plenty of time to linger over that 5th, 6th . . . cup of coffee. By that time we were wired up and ready to go.

Our original destination called for Fawn Lake, but due to the large sign-up, Wes Prouty Esq., we drifted towards the sounds of stereo and Parker Riddle’s car. His trip, did have the large numbers, so we took the overflow and headed toward Substitute Point. Arrived at the trailhead around 10:00 a.m. and ventured forth. The weather was clear, crisp and autumn in her full glory. Fellow equine owners, don’t raise your hands! We hiked on a trail that had a previous caravan of those four footed lovelies, and oh! what a soggy mess that was. They passed us coming out, but we kept our grumblings low. Snow marked the last mile of the trail as we made our ascent up Substitute Point. (I was holding out for a summit certificate.)

As our gloves engulfed around sandwiches and we gazed at the views of the Sisters and Mt. Jefferson, a wayward trick or treater found his way up. Beneath the hairy mask, was none other than that fellow leader, Parker Riddle. The cameras came out and we snapped that moment for all times sake. As the chill factor lowered, we also lowered ourselves and made good time back. (Could it have been thoughts of warm drinks and goodies and talk of a stop at Log Cabin Restaurant that hastened the pace?) Whatever, it was a fine day for all us goblin, arriving back in town around 6:00 p.m., just in time to take our our own trick or treater bags. Joining us were members Wes Prouty, Mary Fulton, nonmember Marshall Pallett and leaders Chris Shuraleff and Tom Donnelly.

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