Sunset Bay - Cape Arago

October 24, 1982

We lucked out on the weather; this late in October is iffy for a coast hike. But ideal conditions prevailed on the 24th, complete to the seals and sea lions, sunning themselves by the dozens at Simpson’s Reef. Sunset Bay to Cape Arago is an easy hike with one outstanding difficulty: keeping things moving!

Each turn of the marine terrace trail provides another spectacular ocean view. The tilted coaledo formation is visible here, and as the milky surf swirls about the jagged surfaces, flinging spray high into the air — photographer’s paradises.

Our group had several repeat hikers here, but photography buff Bob Foster was seeing it for the first time, and his yelps of appreciation rivalled the sea lions.

Additional color was on view in the occasional scarlet araminto toadstool beside the trail, in the wealth of dahlias and yes, roses still, at the gardens at Shoreacres. And on the long drive each way, the autumn gold in the vine maple and alder leapt out of the deer greens of the coast range fir.

It was a beautiful day for hikers Bob Foster, Auram Farber, Shirley Froyd, Gladys Grancorvitz, Rose Hess, Anne Montgomery, Alys Riley, and leaders Jack and Dallas Cole.

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