Black Butte

October 24, 1982

The fall color show was “on stage and beginning Act III” as our group of 11 headed up the McKenzie Highway to meet the Mohlers at the lodge at Black Butte. The last mile of road to the upper trailhead was in better than usual condition on this beautiful autumn morning. We enjoyed lunch with the chipmunks on top and especially the view from Mt. Adams south beyond the South Sister.

The lookout has been closed to the public. Our stay on top was cut short as the temperature dropped. We walked down at a brisker pace than when we ascended in the morning. After a stop at the headwater of the Metolius River we headed back to Eugene (no berry pies at Vi’s).

Hikers were Doris Allen, Elliot and Priscilla Aronin, Ruth Coffman, Glenn Meares, Cara McKenzie, Jerry and Pat Mohler, Gerald Marsello, Terry Parker, Dave Predeek, Henrietta Richmond, and leader Joe Lowry.

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