Coffin Mountain

October 24, 1982

Three intrepid Obsidians left Eugene at 7:00 a.m., picked up one co-leader in Albany and headed for the Coffin Mountain trail off the north Santiam highway through morning fog. After becoming accustomed to the change in forest road numbers, we found the road leading to the trailhead and started at 9:40 a.m.

After hiking on the washed out road to its terminus, we took off on the trail, switchbacked through a dense forest amid mushrooms and bunchberries to the Bachelor Mountain trail junction. From here it was a short hike up to the Coffin Mtn. burn area where we were rewarded with our first views of the Western Cascades. Many young Douglas fir trees are growing amid the downed and burned timber. Several switchbacks more and some more climbing found us on the summit where the manned lookout was closed for the winter.

A panorama of the Cascades from Mt. Adams to the Sisters greeted us. What a perfect spot for lunch! The weather was overcast but we could still see for miles in all directions. After lunch in this “room with a view”, we hiked to the south end and explored a recently constructed radio repeater station equipped with solar panels for electricity generation. All too soon we had to descend to meet Mryna Brown, who elected to have lunch in the burn area. We returned to the car at 3 p.m. This was an Obsidian first and we highly recommend the trip to more of you. Summiteers were Wilbur Groner and leaders Dot Leland and Ralph Nafziger.

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