Saddle Lake

October 17, 1982

Thirteen radical Obsidians (We wouldn’t give up our summertime) had a brisk twelve-mile roundtrip hike to Saddle Lake, located in the Crescent/Fawn Lake area. Winds were zinging across Odell Lake when we arrived at our starting point, but subsided when we were on our way and sheltered by the trees.

We had a nice fire going at our destination. Mavis found a magic pumpkin, others munched on gourmet peanut butter, jelly and marmalade sandwiches. Then down we went in a soft snow flurry which left the trees brushed with a harbinger of the coming months of white. We all warmed up at the lodge and our trip was officially concluded by Leader Parker and the other Sunshine Seekers, who are: Emeline Dale, Bob Foster, Lyn Lagrander, Helen Lynch, Harlo Perrin, Marshall Pallett, Mavis Prescott, Barb and Dick Schram, Sylvia Stead, Paula Vehrs, and co-leaders Parker Riddle and Kathi Stroh.

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