Canyon Creek Meadows and Lake

October 16, 1982

Is there any truth in advertising? Not when an Obsidian trip sign-up sheet announces “Views of Three-Fingered Jack are outstanding.” No one saw Jack on our trip to the snowfield at its base on Saturday, October 16, but no one complained. We left Eugene at 8 a.m., started hiking at 10:45 and climbed to the announced beautiful view spot.

We got a wonderful close-up of fog, mist and a blast of cold wind, just before climbing the cinders to the lake. Huddled among the stunted mountain hemlock and sub-alpine firs, we ate our lunch and swapped “Do you remember when?” stories. Then we climbed up a snowy trail to look at the lake. It resembles a giant doodle-bug or ant-lion trap for humans, so no one ventured down its inner slope to the icy surface below. (We had visions of someone trying to climb back up, only to slip down again and again and again.)

There was too much snow and fog on the ridge above, so we climbed down and explored the meadow and its environs. We found a great campsite and fireplace for a future trip, and doused a pile of embers left by someone in a grassy area in another place. Arriving back at the Jack Lake parking lot at 3:00 p.m., we decided to head for home so those wanting to attend the concert wouldn’t have to rush.

A stop at the Village Cafe was enlightening. It seems that a Trailways bus full of Obsidians had just devoured ALL of Vi’s pies! Most of us settled for soup, though.

When looking back on the day, this leader wonders what could be better than hiking in a wilderness area in the fall with such a compatible, friendly, congenial group of people. We hiked, ate, explored and socialized.

Views and pies
   would be a surprise.
Our fun depends
   on Obsidian friends.

Wandering the wilderness were Cathy Ellis, Barb Elsen, Auram Farber, Wilbur Groner, Mary Karis, Martha Mitchell, Henrietta Richmond, Eleanor Wilkerson, Fred Schepman, and leader Phyllis Ford.

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