Rogue River

October 14-17, 1982

Mother nature cooperated in providing another Rogue River backpacking trip with ideal weather. No rain during the day and just a little at night. Fall colors were vivid. We saw deer, herons, grouse, one rattlesnake, plenty of bear signs, but no bears.

Herb Lee and his wife Lelia drove my car to Graves Creek and hiked to Illahe. The others of us went in Herb’s car to Illahe and hiked to Graves Creek. Group “A” camped at Tacoma Camp, East Mule Creek Camp and Meadow Creek Camp.

One of our party was lost for about an hour. (Turned the wrong way at the start of the second day.) We had the usual stops at Powers for lunch on the way down, at Paradise Lodge and at Wolf Creek Tavern and Rice Hill on the way back.

Hikers were Margaret Hadaway, Herb and Lelia Lee, Bonnie Ledford, Ed Lovegren leader K.C. Kraft.

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