Sunshine Meadows

October 3, 1982

What is Sunshine Meadows without sun? We had it both ways, and sun is better. We had importuned its appearance all the way along the drive from cloudy Eugene; it appeared at Frog Camp as we de-vanned, and played hide-and-seek with us the rest of the day.

After the first hour’s gradual ascent, the path was covered with patchy snow. Beyond the meadows, 15-inch depth was encountered by the intrepid members of the group who ventured beyond our published destination for yet a few more photo opportunities as brilliant blue sky alternated with clumps of clouds.

Music lovers in the less ambitious category preferred a rocky promontory just before the deep stuff, and were regaled with Dick Loescher’s recorder pipings of “music to watch Middle Sister by.”

As Sunshine Meadows is a popular area, we expected to see lots of hikers getting their money’s worth before the access roads close next month. However, we met only three other parties, all smaller than our own. The eight of us made one nice small group when it came to fitting exactly into Dick Loescher’s roomy new van, making an exceedingly companionable day for hikers: Bob Foster, Herb Lee, Dick Loescher, Marshall Pallett, Gene Ring (Chicago Guest), Sue Sheppard and trip leaders Dallas and Jack Cole.

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