Lowder Mountain

October 2, 1982

In spite of cloudy skies and forecasts of rain, all eight signers met at the appointed hour and set off for Cougar Reservoir and the East Fork Road. The walk to Lowder Mtn., the views from the trail, the sights and sounds around us were intensified by the knowledge that our appreciation could be dampened at any instant. However, rain delayed until after we had enjoyed lunch at a view point overlooking the partially cloud-obscured Three Sisters. We also explored the plateau, finding obsidian chips, pemmican plants, and grinding holes, animal tunnels, and Lois Schreiner’s favorite lunch seat—the rock from which she dangles her legs over empty space and the lovely twin lakes below.

A misty rain fell as we returned to the trailhead, so we decided to postpone the bonus trip to Quaking Aspen Swamp. Our congenial group included Bernice Claypool, Amy Clugston, Ken and Robin Lodewick, Aileen Lynam, Martha Mitchell, Pat Shaw and leader Velma Shirk.

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