Mt Yoran

September 22, 1982

Our Wednesday hike on the last day of summer was perfect! The congenial group of six persons left the parking lot just a few moments after 7:00 a.m. to drive to Oakridge through the early morning fog and on up Hills Creek into the sun. Gorgeous views of Mt. Yoran and Diamond Peak with its dusting of new snow greeted us at the trailhead. The trail was in fine condition, damp from rains, and lined with ripening huckleberries, many with brilliant red leaves. An earlier party left their tracks on the trail but only our advance scout, Marshall, came face to face with one of them, an elk. Lunch at Divide Lakes gave renewed energy for the steep climb to the saddle in the ridge and on to the top of Yoran. The summit was inhabited with zillions of ladybugs flying frantically in all directions and looking quite picturesque on our hair, shirts and jeans but making us feel very creepy-crawly. After identifying many of the landmarks on this cloudless day, we descended for another lunch stop at the lakes and onto the cars arriving about 5:00 p.m. Enjoying this fine outing were Fred Schepman, Catherine Jones, Bryant Mitchell, Helen Hughes, Marshall Pallett, and leader Margaret Wiese.

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